We offer affordable high-quality music videography services. Your performance can live on forever and you can showcase your band in order to take it to the next level. Bars and Festivals want to gauge your live perform, the best way to do that is an HD performance of a handful of your songs.

Home Studio Live Session

Two HD DSLR Cameras – Dynamic
2 Song Edit
Multi-Tracking with Full band miccing
$100 for each additional song

Our Home studio is located in Leucadia, just north of Encinitas, CA.

Demo of Home Studio Live Session


We are able to record up to 14 tracks and will apply a basic mixdown. 6 of the tracks can be amplified through the PA for the performance, leaving 8 additional track that can be recorded.

An example setup is:
Amplified inputs (upto 5):
Lead Vocal
Back Up Vocal
Unamplified inputs (upto 8):
Lead Guitar Amp
Rythm Guitar Amp
Bass (DI and Amp simultaniously)
Drums (4 mic setup)
Room Mic

Venue Light Package


One HD DSLR Cameras
2 Song Edit
Camera Mounted Condenser Mic

Demo Playlist of Two Camera Edits

Venue Basic Package


Two HD DSLR Cameras – Dynamic
One GoPro Hero 3- Static
4 Song Edit
Room Mic into field recorder audio
Audio output from sound board can be used if provided or available

Demo Playlist of One Camera Edits


Add-Ons / Additional Angles

+100 All source footage provided in addition to edit.
[Discount Negotiable] No Edit, just source footage provided
+50 / hour – Professional Photographer (Still Photos)
For pricing for videography services of your live venue performance, see our Live Venue Production Services Page

Delivered Product

You have 2 choices on what you receive:
A basic edit of the two songs will be provided in 1 week’s time. No revisions with base price.
One video track synced to the audio for each camera angle, all audio sources.
Final product can be either uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. We can also provide finished product for download via FTP. For +20 We can provide a DVD or BluRay disc via local pick up or mail We able to offer low prices by reseving the right to post the finished product on and/or SoCalMusic.TV websites and facebook pages, if you do not want us to do this, we can negotiate pricing.

Phone: Bob – (619) 309-9869
Phone: Thomas – (760) 445-2938
Web: www.SoCalMusic.TV