Product: A Hawaiian Import – This Saturday in Carlsbad

Left to Right: Rex Costales, Chase Cavitt, Steven Barger, Will Boyce, Jeff Hodson, Wiley Miranda

While Products’ roots are in Hawaii, they are making a name for themselves right here in Southern California. The foundation of the band was laid down back in 2005 by singer/songwriter Chase Cavitt, who wrote many of the songs that the band still plays today. Later on in college he met drummer Steve Barger and original bassist Kiki Dread. When Chase and Steve moved to the mainland they hooked up with bassist Rex Costales.

2010 was a good year for the guys. They played a sold out show with Groundation at the Pipeline Cafe. In 2011, Product played the Seattle Hemp Fest, with over 100,000 people in attendance, playing on the same ticket as Kotton Mouth Kings.

While Product has remained true to their Hawaiian roots musically, they have added some members. Will Boyce fills a supporting lead/rythm guitar role, and occasionally they will play with a horn section, that includes Jeff Hodson on trombone, and either Carlos Liera or Wiley Miranda on the trumpet. Regardless of who’s on stage you’re guaranteed a good time.

This summer has brought Product many new opportunities, including their debut performance at The Belly Up Tavern, in Solana Beach, where they shared the stage with DnT and Reason to Rebel. Riding the ever present wave, Product is set to hit the recoding studio with Lewis Richards, of 17th Street Records. Richards is well known in the music scene, having worked with bands like The Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome and locals like Seedless. Products’ Ep will have 3 original songs, and should be completed by summer’s end.

These guys are all about a positive message and positive vibes! Be ready to dance the night away at any of their upcoming shows. One of my favorite songs, “Good feeling” says it all. Product will be playing this Saturday, September 29th with another amazing Hawaiian band HI Roots, at the Boar’s Crossing in Carlsbad!

For more information check them out at or on Facebook! Make sure to say what’s up if you see them out and a show!

Welcome to the Product Family!

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